Bloodbath - Midkemia Online Online Help

17.1.1 Bloodbath

Bloodbaths are a form of worldgame where the player who kills the most other players wins. Only killing players who are participating in the Bloodbath counts towards your score (EVENT WHO will show you a list). Additionally, War Points are not lost or gained from killing players participating in the Bloodbath. And last, the time one must wait in the Halls of Death is greatly shortened for being killed while participating in a Bloodbath.

The point value of each player is their level. So, killing higher level players is always more advantageous. Only the person who lands the killing blow receives the points: solo play is encouraged in a Bloodbath.

When a Bloodbath is an elimination game, being killed will result in being removed from the game, and you cannot re-join or earn any points. There can be only one winner in this type of game. The game will end as soon as there is only 1 player left.

In non-elimination games, play continues until the duration of the game runs out.

During a Bloodbath, participants may SEEK one another to find their location.