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17.4.2 Blackjack

Last Stand, also known as Dead Man's Cards or the Trickster's Last Gamble, is common variation of blackjack seen in the taverns and inns of the Kingdom. The goal is to have a hand of cards closest to and including the score twenty-one, without going "bust," by either taking a hit (getting another card from the deck) or standing (taking no more hits) in turn from the initial bet. Last stand has only one bet, placed before the cards are dealt, unlike the raised betting structure of pokiir.

Played with a standard deck of cards, the game has some known variations: the ace can be worth either 11 or 1 point, all picture cards are worth 10 points, bets are split when multiple players have the same score. Once a gambler has decided to stand, they may take no more hits, even if the game progresses into further turns.
BLACKJACK PLAY [AT <number>|PRIVATE]  Choosing a number allows you to   
                          play at a public table, while no
                          parameters or private creates a
                          public or private game.
BLACKJACK GAMES           Shows all games present in the 
                          current location. Public, Private,
                          Active or otherwise.
BLACKJACK VIEW [POT|HAND <person|none>|TURNS|..|ALL]   The view command
                          is one of the most versatile, allowing you to
                          see one factor or all of the information
                          important to an active game of blackjack.
BLACKJACK BET             Place your bet in a game of blackjack
                          to be dealt cards in the next hand.
BLACKJACK HIT             Hitting on your turn will give you another
                          card, causing you to bust should the
                          score go over 21, otherwise adding to
                          your score.
BLACKJACK STAND           Standing on your turn will prevent any
                          further hits, but your score will cease to
                          rise. Should your score reach 21, you will
                          automatically stand.
BLACKJACK QUIT|FOLD       Folding can be done in an active game of
                          blackjack to stay at the table but out of the
                          round (although standing is preferable).
                          Quitting can be done at any time to leave
                          the table.