Beta - Midkemia Online Online Help

1.3.1 Beta

Since opening, Midkemia Online is still in Beta. 

What does this mean? 
Basically, it means that MKO is a work in progress and there may be things here and there that still need work. As a player, you can look forward to new areas, more quests, even new skills to come in the future! Some of the existing systems may even be overhauled in order to make them easier to use and make MKO a more enjoyable place to be. 

How can you help?
The more feedback we get, the better MKO will be in the long run. Feel free to BUG or TYPO anything you come across that doesn't seem quite right. We do our best to reply in a timely fashion and if your bug lingers for some time, it likely means it will be addressed in the future. Also, keep your eye on the Patchnote and Announce news to stay up to date on the exciting changes and additions that have come to Midkemia! To submit constructive ideas for the betterment of MKO, please visit our online forums.