Basic Commands - Midkemia Online Online Help

2 Basic Commands

2.1   New Players                    Information for new players
2.2   Logging Out                    How to leave the realm
2.3   What Now?                      What's next?
2.4   Movement                       You do want to move, don't you?
2.4.1 Directions                     Travel easily to common landmarks.
2.5   Following                      Lead around others!
2.6   Inventory                      Your own personal stuff
2.7   Things - Giving and Receiving  How to get abovementioned stuff
2.8   Looking and Examining          How to see if your stuff is
                                     actually junk
2.9   Basecommands                   A listing of basic commands
2.10  The WHO command                How to use the WHO command, and 
2.11  Aliasing                       Midkemia's Internal Aliasing system
2.12  Newbie Attacks                 Learn about various newbie attacks