Bashing - Midkemia Online Online Help

13.1.2 Bashing

"Bashing," also called hunting, refers to killing denizens (a.k.a. mobiles,  mobs, NPCs, or computer-controlled characters), usually to gain experience for  new levels. Each class has a unique set of abilities for bashing, but only some  abilities can be used against mobs. It's in your best interest to discover which  abilities work against mobs. It is most efficient to chain together abilities  rather than using one over and over.

Here is a list of the most effective combinations of attacks for bashing for  each class:

- Use Overdrive (in Fighting) to maintain your health
- Use Inner Focus (in Fighting) to cure any afflictions you receive
- If you do not have Overdrive, purchase a Jewel tattoo (see HELP TATTOOS)
- If you do not have Inner Focus: Heart, Crown, and Scepter tattoos can
  provide a similar ability
- Use the Clotting ability (in Fighting) to slow bleeding. Alternatively, you   
  can use bandages (via the First Aid ability in Fighting) to slow down 
  bleeding when outside combat
- Use the Writhe ability to escape entanglements that various denizens can afflict with.

- Ignite (in Thaumaturgy) to apply the burning affliction
- Eldritch Barrage (in Arcana) whenever it is available
- Immolate (in Thaumaturgy) whenever the mob is Beaten or Critical
- Stormlance (in Thaumaturgy) otherwise
- Keep Spellshield (in Arcana) active to help protect yourself
- Use Teleport (in Arcana) to escape tricky situations
- If you have Stormfury (in Thaumaturgy) to increase the damage
  of your Stormlance, use Balefire (in Arcana) to reset the
  charges whenever you are low on magic

- Fury (in Righteousness) to gain faith
- Zealous Mandate (in Righteousness) if you need healing and have 60 faith
- Holy Sword (in Righteousness) when you are over 30 faith
- Use Spiritshield (in Faith) for difficult fights
- Use your healing prayers (Heal, Revitalization, Purification in Faith) for 
  difficult fights
- Heresy (in Righteousness) increases the holy damage that the denizen takes
  from your other holy attacks

- Backstab (in Subtlety) to start the fight
- Fleche (in Fencing) to apply the bleeding affliction
- Balestra (in Fencing) to increase the critical strike rate of bleeding
- Inquartata (in Fencing) whenever you land a critical strike
- Thrust (in Fencing) otherwise

- Apply Sunder Armor (in Arms) to increase your damage.
- Obliterate (in Arms) whenever you have 90-100% adrenaline
- Slash or Club (in Arms) otherwise
- Use Last Stand (in Warcraft) for difficult fights
- Use Shield of the Weak (in Warcraft) if you are bashing with a partner

Be aware that certain abilities you gain from your Specialization at level 20 (See HELP SPECIALIZATIONS) may also be able to be used against mobs, in which case you should figure out the best place to insert that ability in your bashing priority. Those unique abilities are not discussed by this humble scribe, as there would be too many to fully list.

If you do not have an ability listed, see AB <skillset> FULL to see a full list  of abilities, including those you have not yet learned, or AB <skillset>  <ability> to see the rank at which you will learn it.

Remember that you need to be in a Party if you are bashing with a friend in  order to share the experience you receive from killing blows, and that you actually gain an experience bonus for doing so.