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11.8.2 Banath, the Prankster

Banath, the God of Thieves and Liars, is one of the most enigmatic and 
untrustworthy, but needed divine in Midkemia. He is worshipped universally and
his hand touches all that occurs in day to day life for the lowest and highest
of people. Although universally worshipped by thieves and the poorer people of
Midkemia, he is also revered behind closed doors in some of the higher echelons 
of society. "In the heart of men, there is no good or evil, just needs and 
wants," as some may say.

A highly misunderstood God, Banath is not as some would think a divine intent
on causing grief to hard working people. He neither favors those who are poor,
nor those who are particularly good at their craft of theft or deception. If he 
was then his followers on the dodgy path would never be caught by the
constabulary and hung for their crimes and yet hundreds are every year. Perhaps 
this is just a small part of his nature, to deceive those who believe they have 
his blessing and then lead them as lambs to the slaugher? A misconception that

most have of Banath is he is a god who helps those who are poor become wealthy. 
However some believe it is the skill and art of the game, not the riches, that
appeal to this wily divine. Many who become wealthy during the game find they
become the focus of his wrath, not his favor.

Banath is also considered to be the Prankster and God of Deception by most. All 
good generals on the field of battle know the need for deception when attacking 
a stronger position than theirs, and so Banath weaves his magic in their minds. 
Practical jokes by children, travelers walking the dark roads of Midkemia, and
corrupt merchants or nobles all worship him in their own way.

Banath is also the current custodian of Knowledge for his 'lost' brother
Wodar-Hospur, controlling the universal intellect of the cosmos. And so it is
that many scholars and teachers also pay him respect. In his way, Banath
chooses to impart knowledge, or not, as he sees fit.

Priests of Banath come in all shapes and sizes and most have some background or 
experience in the nefarious, although often the higher ranking officials come
from a noble background where they fell to his charms during the deceptive
dealings of high-society. His temples are often centered around the docks and
poor quarters of the cities and towns, however many have been appearing in
isolated hamlets and villages in major junctions of the world. It is rumored
that the Captains of Durbin have a private temple in their lair. Adored more in
the rugged Western Realm, no major city is without some presence of the
Prankster's priests. Banath has an extremely strong presence in the cities of
Kesh which are more chaotic than their Kingdom counterparts and it is rumored
he is widely adored in Queg.

Banath is also known as Kalkin in many places around Midkemia and is referred
to as the Artful Dodger, the Prankster, the Night Walker, the Silent Thief of
Precious Commodities, the Deceiver and is known as the God of Thieves.