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11.8.1 Astalon

Perhaps the most Order-aligned of the twelve Lesser Gods, Astalon is known to personify Growth, Civilization and the Law. Unlike many of the other Gods, Astalon takes a particular interest in the affairs of mortals, often working through His priests or personally to impart the wisdom of His realm to the races of the world.

Astalon has historically been worshipped primarily by craftsmen and politicians, both professions being ones He sees as the tools by which to strengthen and guide the advancement of the mortal races, though in the recent age many from other walks of life have found themselves in His service. Similarly, His sects have formed along both of these professions, with the Builders being those who strive continually to build and expand their home, and the Judges offering a guiding vision in order to stablize their societies and prevent the eventual collapse that comes with excessive expansion.

The worship of Astalon in the Western realms centers around the Temple of the Sky, high in the Eagle's Reaches, as a tribute to His dominion over the heavens. Smaller shrines and temples also dot the realms, allowing worship in less remote areas.

Astalon is symbolized by the metals gold and platinum, and by His weapons, a golden hammer and a platinum sword. He also known in the world as The Lawbringer, He-Who-Brought-Order, and The Winged God.