Artifact Upgrades - Midkemia Online Online Help

19.9.8 Artifact Upgrades

The syntax is: ARTIFACT UPGRADE <#> TO <new power>

For example, if you have an Icy Jewel of Striking (with an ID number of 2) in ARTIFACT LIST, and you want to upgrade to a Fire Jewel of Striking, you would type: ARTIFACT UPGRADE 2 TO CRITICAL_2

Doing this by itself will tell you how much it would cost, and ask you to confirm it before actually going through with the upgrade, so feel free to check it out to see how much various upgrades would cost you.

Here's how this helps you: *unlike* trading in artifacts, upgrading doesn't cause you to lose credits on the value of the artifact. When you trade-in an artifact, you normally only get 2/3rds of the credits back, but when you upgrade, the full price you paid will be counted towards the price of the  upgrade. In the example of upgrading from critical_1 (100 credits) to critical_2 (200 credits), the upgrade cost is only 100 bound credits.

Please note that the upgrade cost is the difference in price between what you paid for the artifact at the time of purchase, and the current value of the upgrade power. So, if you bought an artifact on sale, its purchase value may be less than the current value. Conversely, if an artifact has dropped in price, but you purchased it at a higher price, you will be credited the value of that higher price in the upgrade.

This makes it easy for you to start off with a lower-tier artifact, and upgrade it at no risk to you later on if you decide you like it!

If you want to trade-in an artifact for credits instead of upgrading it, see HELP ARTIFACT TRADEINS instead.