Artifact Tradeins - Midkemia Online Online Help

19.9.1 Artifact Tradeins

(For Upgrades, see HELP ARTIFACT UPGRADES instead.)

Artifacts may be traded in, by the owning adventurer only, in return for Bound Credits only. Since these are _already_ bound credits, there is no lesson bonus gained by trading in artifacts.

Artifacts are traded in at two-thirds value, based on the price you paid for the artifacts. If it sells for 300, you'll get 200 in trade. If it sells for 400, you'll get 266 in trade. Note that if the price of the artifact has changed, your trade-in value will still be based on the price you paid. So if you paid 300 credits for an artifact and the price drops to 100, you will receive 200 credits instead of 66. And so forth.

To trade-in an artifact:
   ARTIFACT TRADEIN <artifact>              - Shows you the tradein value.
   ARTIFACT TRADEIN <artifact> CONFIRM      - Trades in the artifact.

Note that artifact tradeins are irreversible! Be careful.

Refunds and Transfers
We don't offer refunds, and transferring artifacts (or bound credits) between characters isn't allowed. Sorry!

If you want to upgrade an artifact, see HELP ARTIFACT UPGRADES.