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13.1.4 Armor, Shields, and Proofing

Protecting Yourself, What to Wear and Wield


Armor is worn to reduce a part of the damage one receives from certain denizen and adventurer attacks. Armor protects from attacks that are physical in nature (not much chance of your breastplate protecting you from a Psion's mental onslaught).

Armor is currently divided into two types: leather and plate and each type can only be worn by classes who have proficiencies in the armor type (Armor proficiency is skillset dependent and may not be learned by everyone):

     Leather armor - Rogues
     Plate armor   - Soldiers, Crusader Priests of Tith-Onanka

A set of armor is comprised out of six pieces and the damage reduction each piece provides is static - that is to say, two different leather tunics will always provide the same defensive bonus and that defensive bonus will always be lower than that of a metal breastplate. The six pieces of each set are:

     Leather armor: tunic, sleeves, leggings, gloves, cowl and boots
     Plate armor:   breastplate, vambraces, greaves, gauntlets, helm
                    and sabatons

Having all six pieces of an armor set will give you the maximum defensive boost you are able to obtain from armor.

Note: When shopping for armor, be sure to always check that you are indeed buying armor. The shop you are visiting may be selling tunics, but that doesn't guarantee that it is a type of tunic that will work as an armor piece. To verify that what you intend to purchase is an armor piece, type WARES ARMOR. If your item shows up in the list that comes up, then it is most definitely what you wanted.


In addition to armor, you can always equip yourself with a shield. Shields can currently be wielded by all classes without penalty. Of course, you cannot wield both a two-handed weapon and a shield at the same time, but usage of shields is otherwise unrestricted.

Unlike armor pieces which offer a fixed defensive bonus, shields have three statistics which vary based on the commodities used in crafting them (see HELP COMMODITIES):

     Armor:      reduces damage from physical attacks
     Dampening:  reduces damage from magical and holy attacks
     Damage:     influences damage done by abilities that involve 
                 a shield (such as various Soldier abilities)

You can discern a shield's statistics with the WEAPONPROBE ability in Fighting.


Magicians and non-Crusader Priests cannot wear armor of any kind but they traditionally have abilities that help reduce damage from attacks. However, they can wear robes that can be proofed by a tailor (see HELP TAILORING against a specific element (fire, cold, electricity, etc.) to provide a defensive bonus against that element. This will not convert the robes into armor or reduce damage from physical attacks.