Aging - Midkemia Online Online Help

5.13 Aging

Although your character's age will increase as time goes on, this is
largely just a method by which you may judge how long ago a character
was born. Age has no negative effects whatsoever, either on your character's
health or appearance. Just another example of why life in Midkemia is better
than so-called "real life"!

(Even though characters in the books get old and die, this simply isn't
feasible in a commercial game. This is one of the areas where we must apply
a "suspension of disbelief.")

AGESET <age> will allow you to alter your age once. 
AGESET HELP will inform you between what ages you can set yourself.

This should not be a hastily made decision, you may only ageset once. It is a good idea to consider your race and roleplay when choosing your starting age.

See also: CALENDAR.

(For the help scroll about underage adventurers, and the required age to
 play Midkemia, see: UNDERAGE.)