Afflictions - Midkemia Online Online Help

13.3.1 Afflictions

Afflictions are divided into three categories: physical, mental, and spiritual.  The affliction's category determines how it is cured with the reiki arts of Inner Focus, which can be learned by visiting Master Keizo in Port Natal and seeking out the Five Principles of his art, provided one has studied enough in the Fighting skill.

Physical afflictions are cured with Focus Body.
Mental afflictions are cured with Focus Mind.
Spiritual afflictions are cured with Focus Spirit.

Physical:             Mental:               Spiritual:
---------------       -----------------     -----------------
Broken Left Arm       Blurry Sight          Sundered Armor
Broken Right Arm      Disloyalty            Unstable
Broken Left Leg       Dizziness             Compulsion
Broken Right Leg      Clumsiness            Crippled
Hamstrung             Disoriented           Ill Omen
Blind                 Dementia              Divine Censure
On Fire               Amnesia               Heretic
Deaf                  Befuddled             Repenting              
Chilled               Fear                  Atoning
Cut Tendon            Nightmares            Retribution
Weak Legs             Blackout              Vindication
Severed Nerve         Epilepsy              Curse of Tongues
Scabies               Cataplexy             Waking Dreams
Plague                Malaise               Impatience
Concussion            Weariness             Dystonia
Anemia                Brain Damage          Maladroitness
Ataxia                Headache              Somnolence
Burnt Tongue          Terror                Recklessness
Slit Throat           Confusion             Sensitivity
Collapsed Lungs       Paranoia              Tainted Aura
Heart Palpitations    Anorexia              Hemophilia
Burst Organs          Hypersomnia           Faithrot
Asthma                Stupidity             Manaleech
Vomiting              Agoraphobia           Sun Allergy
Burn Levels           Claustrophobia        Holy Shock
Black Lung            Depression            Astral Tether
Paralysis             Indiscriminate Trust  Astral Warp
Exhaustion            Horror                Infirmity
Burning Limbs         Aphasia               
Wither                Neural Charges
Bruised Limbs         Hypochondria
Dystrophy             Psychic Feedback
Tainted Wounds        Colorblindness
-----------------     -----------------     ------------------

While afflicting a player with an affliction when he or she is already suffering from that ailment will usually refresh the duration of the affliction to its fullest, note that Blackout and Stun are subject to diminishing returns (and the target will eventually become immune entirely), and cannot be refreshed.

In addition, there are a small number of afflictions that require you to REJECT the person who afflicted you with it. Rejecting someone requires balance and equilibrium, and uses your equilibrium. These are: Compulsion, Lust and Mind Meld.