Adventuring Parties - Midkemia Online Online Help

6.1 Adventuring Parties

Parties, also known as groups, are formal groups for adventuring. Anybody can form a party or join an existing one.

To get a party started, PARTY INVITE <person>. If that person then does PARTY ACCEPT, then a party is formed.

If you wish to join an existing party instead, look at PARTIES to see a list of parties looking for additional members which you are eligible to join.

Benefits of Parties & XP Bonus
While in an adventuring party, all members of your party will share experience gained by killing creatures - making parties ideal for people who wish to hunt or "bash" together (especially against tougher enemies).

It is generally recommended to form parties with other adventurers around your own experience level, as you will both gain the most benefit from grouping together due to the similar challenges you will want to face.

The experience any party member gains from killing creatures is split among all members of the party that are in the same room. There is a slight experience bonus for being in a party as opposed to bashing on your own, but this bonus only exists as long as there are five or fewer party members. Therefore, it is actually advantageous to form parties with your fellow players.

To Leave a Party
PARTY QUIT or just leaving the realms will end your membership in a party.

To See Who is Currently in Your Party

Commands Summary
PARTY ACCEPT             - accept an invitation into a party (join a party).
PARTY INVITE <who>       - invite someone into your party.
PARTY MEMBERS            - see who is in your party.
PARTY QUIT               - quit your party.
PWHO                     - see who is in your party.
PARTIES                  - see a list of parties looking for more members.
PARTY JOIN <who>         - join an open party.
PARTY OPEN               - list your party as looking for more members.
PARTY CLOSE              - remove your party from the open party list.