About your surroundings - Midkemia Online Online Help

2.8 About your surroundings

In order to see a description of the room you are in along with what is in the 
room, whether player, denizen, or item, simply type LOOK or just L.

If you want to see what is in an adjacent room, type GLANCE <direction that the 
room is in>. Glance is an ability you will have to learn before you can use it, 

If you see an item or mobile in a room that you wish to look at, you may EXAMINE 
and PROBE it, or simply LOOK at it (although PROBE usually reveals more 
information). PROBE can be shortened to P.

To look at a person, you can LOOK [AT] <person>. If you want to examine what they 
are wearing in greater detail, you can LOOK [AT] <item> ON <person>. In both 
cases, the "at" is optional.

If you have an item you wish to show off to your friends, you can SHOWOFF <item> 
to show it to everyone in your location. It may be considered rude to do this 
often, however, especially in crowded locations.

(See also HELP CONSIDER for detailed information on denizens and adventurers)