A Summary of Midkemia's Policies - Midkemia Online Online Help

15.1 A Summary of Midkemia's Policies

a) Second adventurers (characters) are allowed as long as they have
   separate roles and are not used to help each other either directly
   or indirectly. (HELP SECONDS)

b) Playing more than one adventurer at once is not allowed. (HELP MULTIPLAY)

c) Sharing your adventurer (character) with anyone else, or giving it
   to someone else, is prohibited. This means that you are _never_
   allowed to let someone else use your adventurer. (HELP CHARACTERSHARING)

d) Mature behavior is required at all times. Persistent immaturity will
   result in deletion. We have no patience for it.

e) Player-Killing is allowed, but do not victimize innocent adventurers. It
   is heavily restricted for newbies!  (HELP PK)

f) Roleplaying is required in all public forums (shouting, citytells, the
   news, guildtells, etc.)  (HELP OOC)

g) Spamming is prohibited. (HELP SPAMMING)

h) Triggers or any sort of automation may not be used to generate gold or
   experience. (HELP AUTO, HELP TRIGGERS)

i) Inactivity may result in your character being removed. Registration
   helps mitigate this effect. (HELP INACTIVITY).

Please see HELP POLICIES for an index of more detailed policy help files.