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A Thinker of the Fifth Circle, Yomoigu was a member of that fateful coterie which, during the Elder Wars, was charged with developing weapons for use against the Soulless Gods. Along with His colleagues, He was responsible for the research and development of Fain's Elixir. While many of the coterie railed against the Elder decree which later forbid the Elixir's continued use, Yomoigu was among those who abided by the decision, despite the knowledge that banning such a tool only aided the Soulless.

The Pyresmith's particular area of interest lies in interdimensional and extraplanar physics, specifically in the practical application of their mysteries: how can the knowledge gleaned from the study of the planes and dimensions be put to use? In time, and with plentiful study of the Seven Sacred Pyres upon the Plane of Fire, He learned how to create intricate devices with the purpose of harnessing and directing dimensional energies. Through them, Yomoigu became capable of creating miniature pocket dimensions: little bubbles of reality which cling to the sides of the Prime Material Plane.

His symbols include the volcano and the anvil.