Temporal disturbances tore across the Basin during the War of the Goloths, and from these anomalies a small part of a destroyed reality was saved from the absolute nothingness that is nonexistence. In an alternate future where the Glomdoring was reduced to ash, the last survivors of the Wyrd harnessed the power of the fae and become the Wyrd themselves - Wyrdenwood.

One of these dark creatures - Lasher Wyrmwood - was brought into this timeline by one of the many temporal rifts generated. A pure, true Wyrdenwood, he bestowed his knowledge of the art to the Blacktalon of the Glomdoring forest. Once commanders of the forest, these former druids have forged an even deeper connection with the Wyrd and have become a part of the forest itself, shedding their previous forms.

However, the Wyrdenwood should not exist in this reality - one where the Glomdoring still thrives. Due to this, the Wyrdenwood are sterile, unable to reproduce and create more of their race on their own.

Language: Common

Note: Being as tall as they are, Wyrdenwood are capable of viewing either the ground or trees elevation. They can adjust where they are looking using PERSPECTIVE.


  o  Level 1: 2/4 resistance to blunt damage

  o  Level 25: 2/4 resistance to poison damage.

  o  Level 50: 1/3 health and mana regeneration in forest environments.
     1/4 bonus to cutting and poison damage.

  o  Demigod: Trait: Power of the Wyrd. Reduces the charge time for CREEPING by 
     two seconds, also gains +1 modifer for the number of afflictions on the 
     target when calculating damage.

  o  Demigod+: The charge time is extended to INSECT, WASP AND HORNET. CREEPING 
     modifier increased to +2.