WYDYR GLADE - Lusternia Online Help


A dark glade on the ethereal plane, severed from Faethorn during the Taint
Wars, Wydyr Glade has been made home to the fae who were trapped there when
the Taint washed over them. Long hidden in secrecy by Mother Night's Avatars,
for fear that the pure source of the Well of Souls would be corrupted by those
who sought to harm the fae, only when great need arose was the way to it 
opened. Still severed from the Realm of the Fae, Wydyr Glade is said to be
home to the Hae'vanei Spring, sibling spring to the Lo'varai, which rests
within Caoimhe Dell.

It is said that a pact was made between the elfen healers of Caoimhe and the
Avatars of Mother Night, allowing those blood descendants of Ellindel into the
Glade on a Full Moon to water a plant sacred to Mother Night, and to bless the
Hae'vanei Spring, so as to ensure that the Well of Souls would never run dry.