WRITHING FREE OF BONDS - Lusternia Online Help


The base command is WRITHE to free yourself of entanglements. However, you 
can also specify what you are trying to writhe free of:

WRITHE ENTANGLE   - most normal web-type effects
WRITHE VINES      - bound by druid vines from thornlash
WRITHE TRANSFIX   - transfixed by fascination effects
WRITHE CLAMP      - limb clamped in the mouth of a hunting animal
WRITHE HOIST      - hoisted in the air
WRITHE ROPES      - bound by ropes (like hangedman)
WRITHE SHACKLES   - bound by shackles
WRITHE GRAPPLE    - kata grappled
WRITHE TRUSS      - trussed by a stealth expert
WRITHE CRUCIFIX   - Necromancer's crucifixion
WRITHE ANTLERS    - a Stag's antlers
WRITHE LEFTPIN    - pinned through the left leg
WRITHE RIGHTPIN   - pinned through the right leg
WRITHE IMPALE     - impaled through the gut

If you are an Acrobat with Contortion you may use CONTORT instead of WRITHE.