WILDNODES - Lusternia Online Help


The Wild Nodes event is a special event that occasionally occurs upon the 
Astral Plane, and lasts approximately one and a half Lusternian days. The 
basis of the event is that the major nations of Lusternia (the cities and 
communes) must compete with each other to control as many wild nodes as 

Controlling wild nodes is achieved by finding them upon the plane, and 
planting them in the Astrosphere that is linked to your city or commune. 
The nations and the Astrospheres they are linked to are listed below:

Glomdoring - the Astrosphere of Scorpio
Magnagora  - the Astrosphere of Capricorn
New Celest - the Astrosphere of Cancer
Serenwilde - the Astrosphere of Taurus
Hallifax   - the Astrosphere of Gemini
Gaudiguch  - the Astrosphere of Sagittarius 

To plant a wild node, you must first have it in your inventory, then move 
onto the Astrosphere that is linked to your nation, and PLANT NODE. It is 
also possible for these planted nodes to be taken by your enemies, and you 
may do the same to opposing nations, by going to a planted node in another 
Astrosphere and using UPROOT NODE. Both planting and uprooting wild nodes 
requires a short amount of time, in which you may do no other action.

Wild nodes generate some power continuously while planted, which adds to 
the score of the nation that planted them, though this can occasionally 
cause strange surges. Additionally, planting a wild node increases the 
score of the planting nation marginally, and when a planted node is 
uprooted it decreases that score slightly also.

While wild nodes is in play anyone may use the ASTROGLIDE ability to travel
to their nation's linked Astrosphere.

Finally, wild nodes may not be taken from the Astral Plane, if they are, 
they will be drawn inexorably back. You may at any time check the scores 
of the nations and time remaining in the event by using WILDNODES STATUS, 
and you may see the location of all the wild nodes using WILDNODES NODES.

NOTE: Anyone who dies on the astral plane while wild nodes are in play will 
conglutinate whether or not they have the skill.

 o Because of the mystic energies generated between the astrosphere and nodes 
   while they are in play, the nexus associated with the city or commune will
   receive one-half of the 'score' as power on a monthly basis. This is 
   permanent until wild nodes go into play again.

 o The city or commune with the highest score will further receive additional 
   benefits from the wild nodes: guards will cost 10% less in power plus all 
   discretionary powers will cost only half their normal power cost. These 
   benefits also last until wild nodes go into play again.