WHAT TO DO NOW - Lusternia Online Help


You're probably asking yourself at this point what to do now that you've 
read these files. Well, the first and best thing to do would be to contact 
your guild members and ask for guidance. If you aren't a member of a 
guild, it is best to contact a member of that guild you wish to join 
on how best to gain entrance into the guild. HELP GUILDS will show you 
what guilds are available, and HELP <guildname> will show you some 
information on the guild.

Once you have joined a guild, the best thing to do would be greet your 
guild using CGT followed with your message, and then you should begin 
learning about your guild skills with the lessons you have available to 
you (type STAT to see how many lessons you currently have). You will 
first need to choose your skills from what your guild offers, see HELP SKILLCHOICE.

After this, you may want to head to Newton Caverns (HELP NEWTON) or 
perhaps go vermin collecting (HELP RATS or HELP WEEVILS). You can use 
magical portals to help you get around the land, though you only have a 
limited amount of uses of these portals (HELP PORTALS).

Once you have made some gold you may want to look at purchasing some clothes or
perhaps a health vial. You may also want to find one of the banks in any of the
major cities (HELP BANKS) to store your extra gold in. There are thieves out

Once you've done this, the sky is the limit. The choices are up to you, but
exploration is probably always a good thing. As you wander the land, you'll
encounter a variety of creatures and people. Some will be hostile and some not,
and many of the sentient creatures will have things to say to you. Greeting
them with a friendly emote like HI or GREET will often elicit a response, and
you may get clues this way as to quests.

Lusternia is not for a single adventurer. It is designed to be enjoyed with 
other adventurers. Finding an experienced adventurer that will mentor and teach
you is probably the best way to learn.

Don't be afraid to ask for help from other adventurers or Gods, and _please_
read the HELP files. Just type HELP: to get an index of help files.

This one thing is both the blessing, and the curse of multi-player games: all
those other adventurers! They may get in your way, or you may get in theirs.
You may help one and be backstabbed by another. Working together, or in
opposition, our adventurers are the main ingredient that dictate what 
Lusternia will become. Get involved! Help us all to create the greatest realms
on earth - Lusternia!