WHAT THE LETTERS ALL MEAN - Lusternia Online Help


Progenitors: The first people in the family, married/bloodbonded to form the
             family name. It includes their spouses if any.

Founder: The two people who initially formed the family at the Hall of Records.

First Generation: The children of the Progenitors.

Second Generation: The grandchildren of the Progenitors.

Third Generation: The great grandchildren of the Progenitors.

[Pending]: Child being considered for the family.
[Rejected Family]: Rejected their family name.

a: Active Member
b: Born as (if they had a family name prior to marriage A.K.A. maiden name)

d: Divorced from (if the name after this is blank it means the character was
   deleted or suicided)
i: Inactive (due to marrying into another family, becoming inactive as a
   player, divorcing from the family, or rejecting the family)
m: Married to
p: Parents are


(A) Elysiana Talnara <m: Hiriako> <p: Azora+Tias>

Elysiana is an Active member of the Talnara family. She married Hiriako. Her
parents are Azora and Tias.

(A) Hiriako Talnara <b: Myeras> <m: Elysiana>

Hiriako is an Active member of the Talnara family. He was born as a Myeras,
meaning he married into the Talnaras and his maiden name is Myeras. He married