WEATHER - Lusternia Online Help


Weather in Lusternia is an expansive system. Despite this fact, it can generally be ignored, except when manipulated by a Shaman through the Shamanism skillset. Vital to perceiving the weather is the FORECAST ability in Environment, which will tell you about the temperature, the wind, and the level of precipitation or clouds. The weather in Lusternia is separated into a number of distinct systems that generally cover whole areas. Each system can have its own attributes, and each factor will have minimum and maximum levels for each month.

As you spend time in Lusternia, you will encounter a number of possible weather-related effects. These include, but are not limited to, the inability to squint or glance in heavy snow, rain, or fog, finding your conversations drowned out in high winds, being blown about while you are flying in high winds, or finding it harder to walk in sweltering heat or freezing cold.

The effects of cold weather can be partially diminished by wrapping up in nice warm clothes, so don't forget to take your cloak with you if you're going somewhere icy or in the winter!