WEAPONS - Lusternia Online Help


Weapons in Lusternia may be crucially important or not-so-important, depending on your class. For instance, those of the Nihilist class fight primarily with their companions and the power of their skills, and a weapon in their hands does little to elevate their skills. A Serenguard, on the other hand, depends on his trusty longswords, and to be without them is to be rendered significantly less powerful. Having said this, all classes may benefit from occasional use of a weapon. What follows is a discussion of weapons in Lusternia, and how they work.

Using Weapons
Using a weapon in a basic fashion is easy. Simply wield it, and then STRIKE <target> [LEFT|RIGHT]. If you possess the Knighthood skill, you will be able to use weapons more effectively. The knighthood specializations grant access to strike modifiers, which  grant the ability to modify your strikes to deal afflictions and other effects. Each arm has independent balance, so two weapons can be used at different intervals.

In order to wield a weapon, simply type WIELD <weapon>. If you want to wield it in a specific hand, do WIELD <weapon> RIGHT/LEFT. UNWIELD <weapon> will unwield it.

Weapon Classes
Weapons are divied into classes, largely based on their hand requirements and damage typing. Each class of weapons has several different styles, which are mechanically identical.

One-Handed Blades (cutting damage, used by warriors trained in Blademaster): Shortswords, Longswords, Broadswords, Scimitars, Rapiers

One-Handed Bludgeons (blunt damage, used by warriors trained in Bonecrusher): Clubs, Flails, Maces, Morning Stars, Battle Hammers

Two-Handed Blades (cutting damage, used by warriors trained in Pureblade): Katana, Greatsword, Claymore, Bastard Sword

Two-Handed Axes (cutting damage, used by warriors trained in Axelord): Klangaxe, Greataxe, Waraxe, Battleaxe

Two-Handed Polearms (cutting damage*, used by warriors trained in Cavalier): Bardiche, Lance, Halberd, Glaive

Kata Weapons
 Shofa         : Shofas are wielded in pairs by the monks of the Shofangi
 Tahto Staff   : The Tahto staff is the weapon of choice of the Tahtetso monk.
 Jakari Chain  : These deadly chains are the weapons of the Ninjakari.
 Nekai         : The Nekotai guild wields the Nekai, a fearsome bladed claw.

Misc. Weapons
 Dagger        : A throwing weapon.
 One-handed axe: Often used for chopping down trees.

Weapon Enhancements
All knighthood weapons (with kata weapons coming later) may be imbued with enhancements, making them more effective in combat. See HELP ENHANCEMENTS for details.