WEAPON ARTIFACTS - Lusternia Online Help




Please note that runes must be attached to the weapons they are intended to 
modify in order to take effect. For more information on runes, please read 


Great Rune of the Elite Weaponsmith (300 credits)
  - This rune may be attached to any knighthood weapon, and will increase the available enhancement slots on that weapon.
  - Multiples of this rune may be applied to a given weapon.
  - Up to three enhancement slots may be added to a weapon using these runes.
  - Each rune attached to a one-handed weapon increases available slots by one.
  - Each two runes attached to a two-handed weapon increases available slots by one. Two runes are necessary for the first new slot to be gained.


NOTE ON WEAPON GREAT RUNES: Any weapon may have Great Runes placed upon it. 
Each one-handed weapon can have one Stat Modifier, one Wounding, and one 
Damage Modifier. Two-handed weapons can have two of each.
Once a weapon has any one of these runes, that weapon will be made permanent 
and reset within your inventory. Once one rune has been placed upon it, that 
weapon will not accept any other rune of that type if it is one-handed. For
example, if you place a Puissant Knight (stat modifier) great rune on a
longsword, you cannot place any other stat modifier rune upon that sword ever
again (either Puissant Knight, Cosmic Knight or Vernal Knight). However you
could place a wounding rune or damage type modifier rune upon it. Two-handed
weapons are able to take two of each type of rune.
Syntax: ATTACH <rune> TO <weapon>

*SPECIAL NOTE* Except when noted below, all weapon related runes will attach
to any weapon used in Kata specializations. For weapons used in Knighthood
specializations, the following restrictions apply. No great rune will attach
to any Knighthood one-handed weapon that has a total of its three stats
(damage, speed, precision) of over 463. For two-handed Knighthood weapons,
you must divide damage in half and divide precision by 2.2. Add those two
results with speed and that must not be over 463.

Great Runes - Stat Mods       Damage  Precision  Speed    Cost
   Puissant Knight            +5      +5         +5       100 credits
   Cosmic Knight              +10     +10        +10      275 credits
   Vernal Knight              +15     +15        +15      600 credits
NOTE: One rune of this type per one-handed weapon only. Two-handed weapons can
have two. On two-handed Knighthood weapons, the stats above will be modified
as follows: speed will be divided in half for each rune, precision will have a
10% boost to each rune, and damage will be the same for each rune.

NOTE: These runes have been retired, they remain in the help file only until kata and kata weapons are overhauled.

Great Runes - Wounding
   Puissant Champion                  +5% wounding     100 credits
   Cosmic Champion                   +10% wounding     275 credits
   Vernal Champion                   +15% wounding     600 credits
NOTE: One rune of this type per one-handed weapon only. Two-handed weapons can
have two. Please note that on two handed weapons, the percentage increase given 
by each rune is half the amount stated above. Thus, together, two cosmic 
champion runes give 10% wounding. Individually, a cosmic champion rune gives 
5%. Wounding runes cannot be applied to Kata weapons.

Great Runes - Damage Type Mods
   Arcane Soldier                   Magic Damage       250 credits
   Elemental Fires                  Fire Damage        250 credits
   Freezing Heart                   Cold Damage        250 credits
   Serpent's Kiss                   Poison Damage      250 credits
   Jagged Lightning                 Electrical Damage  250 credits
NOTE: Damage type modifier runes will change 1/3 the damage type of that 
      weapon to the indicated damage for one-handed weapons. The other
      2/3 will be normal. (For two-handed weapons, it will modify 1/6 of
      the damage, though you can place two damage type mod runes on it.)
      One rune of this type per one-handed weapon. Two-handed weapons
      can have two.

Please note that any permanent item with one of these runes can be customised 
normally for a further 50 credits - see HELP CUSTOMISATION).


The following runes may ONLY be attached to the following items: mage staves, 
druid cudgels, wiccan athames, guardian symbols, illuminati gauntlets, institute instruments and bard instruments.

Great Rune of Gripping
  o This will make your rune act as though you had the knight ability of 
    the same name, causing you to grip your item so that it is difficult 
    to drop. 
  o 150 credits.

Great Rune of Shielding
  o Grants a 5% damage reduction shield.
  o 350 credits.

Great Rune of Superior Enchantment
  o This rune will allow the object to be enchantable for up to 75 
  o NOTE: If this rune is placed on a staff and charged with an enchantment
    you need to POINT, remember you need to POINT STAFF AT <target> to 
    use the enchantment and POINT STAFF <target> to use the normal staff 
  o 100 credits.

Great Rune of Musical Enhancement
  o Attaches to bard musical instruments.
  o Increases song length on that instrument by 50%.
  o 350 credits.

SPECIAL FOR GUARDIANS: If you are a Nihilist or Celestine and rune a 
symbol, you must still be deep bonded with a cosmic lord to be able to use 
that symbol. However, the symbol will transform to whatever cosmic lord to 
whom you are deep bonded.

NOTE FOR BARDS: Attaching any rune on an instrument will automatically 
raise it to maestro-level.

NOTE: The special weapon runes do not transfer between summoned items
except in the case of changing a cosmic lord with a symbol (while in the
same guild). Thus, if you change from being an Aquamancer to a Geomancer,
or Mage to Druid, your rune will _not_ transfer to the new summoned weapon.

Please note that any permanent item with one of these runes can be customised 
normally for a further 50 credits - see HELP CUSTOMISATION).

These artifacts are used for squad leaders.

Commandant's Shoulderknot: 125 credits
  - A squad led by the wearer will generate 5% extra gold when divided.

Commandant's Medal: 125 credits
  - Any squad led by the wearer will generate power at a much faster rate.

Commandant's Sash: 200 credits
  - Any squad led by the wearer will generate 5% extra xp.