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It is the misconception of some, because the ways of Viravain are
challenging and often seem harsh, that a quality such as beauty is a
thing to be ignored at best, or perhaps even actively suppressed.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Is not Viravain Herself the most beautiful of all beings? Is it not part
of Mother Night's covenant with her devotees to keep them young and
beautiful? Is not the dark rose, when it bursts from the earth
glittering with the energies of the Glomdoring, the most beautiful of
all the flowers?

Nay, beauty is a thing to be prized. It can be a shield, for there are
many who esteem a beautiful thing to be harmless while they fear the
overtly monstrous. Many, too, are loathe to destroy a thing of beauty.
It can also be a weapon. Many are the men and women who have been
brought low because they were ensorcelled by the beauty of another.
Beauty ensnares the mind. Beauty enflames the passions and clouds the
rationality. Beauty causes those who would be your enemies to wish they
were your friends. To be intentionally beautiful is the beginning of the
way of domination and power, for many a poisoned dagger is carried in an
ornate sheath.

Beauty is, of course, not limited to the physical. One can cultivate
courtesy or an enchanting personality. One can produce great works of
beauty that draw the appreciation of many. One can seek beautiful
speech. These things, also, can be your blade and shield if you use them
with understanding and intention.

Beauty is not just a means, however. It is also an end. At the end of
our struggle, when all foes are fallen, all conflict is over, and the
planes are full of a beauty that is not unlike the perfection that is
Glomdoring, it is indeed beauty that will remain - an everlasting
testament to why we strove in the first place. It is our reward for our
labors, and our experience of it now keeps us working when the road
becomes difficult. Behold the beauty of the Lady of the Summer Song.
Behold the beauty of Her forest. Behold the beauty in the lives of our
brothers and sisters. It is an ever-present motivation when all other
motives have been forgotten.