UTILITY ARTIFACTS - Lusternia Online Help




Dimensional Needle: 300 credits
   - Reduces time to gateweave.

Golden Lifeline: 1000 credits
   - Allows the owner to RESCUE another player once per in-game day.
   - Cost: 5 power. 
   - NOTE: target must have declared the user an ally.

Great Rune of Planar Mastery: 100 credits
   - Allows users to transverse to any plane connected to a gate - even those
     that they would normally require a special ability to use, for example
     transversing to the Elemental Plane through a city nexus.

Paradox Puzzle: 500 credits
   - Use the PYRAMID command to operate.
   - Can be set to memorize up to 4 locations.
   - Allows operator to teleport to these 4 locations 
     (up to adjacent planes).
   - Locations unset every Lusternian month.

Ring of Aetheric Power: 250 credits
   - Reduces power cost of teleport and tesseract to 0.

Ring of Aetheric Quickening: 500 credits
   - Speeds up teleporting, tesseracting, ghostwalking, milestones, pyramid
     and pentagon puzzles, and some other forms of teleportation.

Silver Compass of True Directions: 350 credits
  - Allows travel to any permanent milestone within the basin. 
  - If owned by a bard, can make 2 personal milestones. 
  - Syntax: COMPASS TRAVEL <milestone>
    Note: You can use the MILESTONES command to list the milestones.

Transplanar Cubix: 2000 credits
   - Lets you enter the astral fulcrux locations with access to all the
     astrospheres as well as the higher planar fulcrux with doorways to 
     the cosmic planes. You can also reach the lower and prime planar 
     fulcrux locations.
   - It will only work from the known planes of existence (prime, 
     ethereal, elemental, cosmic and astral planes).
   - Can only be used outdoors, and certain afflictions and other
     conditions may prevent its use.
   - Syntax: TOUCH CUBIX

Transplanar Prism: 800 credits
   - Lets you enter the prime and lower planar fulcrux locations with 
     doorways to the prime, ethereal and elemental planes.
   - It can only be used from the prime, ethereal or elemental planes.
   - Can be upgraded to a Transplanar Cubix (see above)
   - Syntax: TOUCH PRISM

Urlach's Black Gauntlet: 400 credits
   - Allows TELEPORT (but not tesseract) to target souls.

Winged Sandals of Haste: 450 credits
   - Allow more movement so you won't get hasty messages so often.


Crystal Ball (a gleaming crystal ball): 200 credits
   - Must be in your inventory.
   - You will always know when mutual allies enter or leave the realm.

Gem of Cloaking: 400 credits
   - Removes you from the who, clwho, and bw/qw lists.
     Note: it does not remove you from gwho or cwho.

Marauder's Mask: 500 credits
   - Wearing this mask will conceal your identity, showing only your race 
    to others. This masks most actions and anything loyal to you.
   - The mask falls off 2 seconds after you perform an aggressive action.
   - The mask also falls off when you logout.

Portable Window: 150 credits
   - This handheld mirror will allow you to view another player as though they
     were standing in your room, so long as you are able to scry them.
   - PEEK <player> while holding the window to use it!

Scrying Mirror: 400 credits
   - Enables use of new verb: EWHO
   - Shows where everyone is and their planes.
   - NOTE: Will *not* penetrate cloaking gems.

Seeing Stone: 250 credits
   - Acts as if you're looking into the target's room 
   - GAZE STONE <target>

Spectacles of Clairvoyance: 500 credits
   - Warns when allies/enemies enter the area

Spectacles of Seeing (a pair of thin spectacles): 100 credits
   - Always succeed in seeing secret exits
   - Allows you to glance and observe in a room with no equilibrium loss.


Great Runes of Influence
  - These runes increase the attack strength during ego battles of the
   specified type.

        Lesser Rune of Paranoia:      1/11 bonus (75cr)
        Greater Rune of Paranoia:     3/12 bonus (100cr)
        Superior Rune of Paranoia:    5/13 bonus (125cr)
        Lesser Rune of Charity:       1/11 bonus (75cr)
        Greater Rune of Charity:      3/12 bonus (100cr)
        Superior Rune of Charity:     5/13 bonus (125cr)
        Lesser Rune of Seduction:     1/11 bonus (75cr)
        Greater Rune of Seduction:    3/12 bonus (100cr)
        Superior Rune of Seduction:   5/13 bonus (125cr)
        Lesser Rune of Empowerment:   1/11 bonus (75cr)
        Greater Rune of Empowerment:  3/12 bonus (100cr)
        Superior Rune of Empowerment: 5/13 bonus (125cr)
        Lesser Rune of Weakening:     1/11 bonus (75cr)
        Greater Rune of Weakening:    3/12 bonus (100cr)
        Superior Rune of Weakening:   5/13 bonus (125cr)

Mask of Esteemed Beauty: 450 credits
   - Generate more esteem (+25%) from influencing when worn.


Rune of the Winter Bane: (250 credits)
 - Attach rune to article of clothing (non-armour) to make it permanent.
 - Increases clothing resistance against cold weather.

Rune of the Summer Bane (250 credits) (rune shop)
 - Attach rune to article of clothing (non-armour) to make it permanent.
 - Increases its resistance against hot weather. 


Brooch of the Tempest: 150 credits
   - You will never be blown laterally while flying, or blown out of the
   - You will be capable of flying in high wind speeds.

Cameo of the Changeling: 1000 credits
   - Marks you as being of the changeling race. Changelings have no true 
     form, but rather transform into another race up to once a Lusternian 
     month (once per RL day). This will not work for anyone but the owner.
   - If the cameo is worn by the owner, that person is displaying his or 
     her changeling heritage for all to see. If it is not worn (as many
     changelings prefer to stay hidden), it is almost impossible to 
     distinguish the changeling from his or her transformed race. 
   - Syntax: CHANGELING INTO <race>.

Changeling Intaglio: 2000 credits
   - As per the Cameo of the Changeling but allows you to change race once
     per in-game day rather than once per RL day.
   - This is an upgrade to the Cameo of the Changeling.

Circlet of Lucidity: 600 credits
   - Must be worn.
   - Your sanity will be partially protected while travelling the
     astral planes (approximately 50%).

Faerie Wings: 400 credits
   - They must be worn.
   - They allow basic flight.

Figurine Rune: 125 credits
   - Lets an offered figurine reset to you albeit at level 1. 
   - Note that the figurine must be enchanted for the rune to be attached.

Golden Goblet: 150 credits
   - Cures shattered ego.
   - Usable once per Lusternian month.

Hand-Held Brass Astrolabe: 300 credits
   - Enables an astrologer to stargaze wherever he is.

Infini-Last Pliers: 75 credits
   - A one-time-use version of the Pliers of Clangorum.
   - See also: Pliers of Clangorum.

Mechanical Crampons: 150 credits
   - Wearing these crampons will decrease the balance loss on scaling mountains
     by half.

Pendant of Divine Spark: 1000 credits
    - The racial perk system grants racial benefits at levels 1, 25, 50,
      100. The artifact will give you the benefit of the level above you.
    - If you are already a demigod (level 100), you will be granted a
      special racial benefit only available through the artifact.
    - See HELP RACES for more info.

Pliers of Clangorum: 1500 credits
   - These pliers are the ultimate artifact insofar that they
     can be used on other artifacts. They allow the owner to freely
     remove artifact runes (including weapon runes) from their own
     items so they can be moved onto others.
   - Syntax: DETACH RUNE <number> from <object>

Powerplex Jewels: 250 credits
   - These amazing jewels bestow 5% to the energy reserves of its owner at
     the start of every month.
   - It will also expand the energy reserves by 5% per jewel (to a maximum 
     of 125%).
   - These jewels _are_ stackable, i.e., owning more than one will have a
     cumulative effect.
   - Finally, these jewels act as powerstones, refilling to 100% capacity
     at the start of every month.

Rockeater's Maw: 150 credits
   - They must be worn.
   - They allow burrowing and digging. 

Silver Bubble Pipe: 75 credits
  - Blowing on this pipe will fill a room with bubbles.
  - Bubbles will conceal all exits.
  - To use, BLOW BUBBLES.

Silver Shovel: 125 credits
   - DIG up to 3 elevations below