TRADE ARTIFACTS - Lusternia Online Help




Everlasting Ember: 75 credits
   - Allows the owner to FIRE forges, furnaces, and ovens without coal.
   - Fire will remain lit for one hour. 

Gloves of Harvesting: 300 credits
   - If you can harvest, cuts your balance recovery for harvesting
     approximately in half.

Gloves of Mastery: 400 credits
   - Halves the drain from energy reserves for enchanters and alchemists.
   - Must be worn.

Hammer of Clangorum's Mastery: 250 credits
   - Grants access to enchanted and virulent enhancements (see HELP

Magic Pantograph: 200 credits
  - Used by artisans can fit 50% more furniture into a room.
  - Maintaining furniture requires approximately 50% fewer commodities.

Magic Poisoner's Gloves: 400 credits
   - Allows poisoners to extract twice the amount of poison as usual. 

Magic Scribe's Quill: 300 credits
  - Produces unlimited magic ink for bookbinders.
  - Doubles vellum and letter production.

Magic Spatula: 300 credits
   - Must be wielded by a cook to use.
   - Doubles food portions.
   - If you have preserve ability, doubles the ability.
   - Does _not_ affect drinks like ale, spirits or wine.

Silver Spoon: 150 credits
   - All effects from cooking infusions will have their durations doubled. 
   - Also includes effects from herofetes.

Magic Tailor Shears: 300 credits
   - Must be wielded.
   - Allows tailors to SHEAR garments to recoup some commodities.
   - Reduces balance on sewing by 1/2.
   - Increases prestige on sewn items.
   - Reduces cost of mending by 1/2.
   - Reduces cost of proofing by 1/2.
   - Reduces cost of batting by 1/4.

Silver Jeweler's Hammer: 250 credits
   - Must be wielded by a jeweler to use.
   - Always cuts at least 3 gems from each gems commodity. 
   - Increases number of gems cut if you can mastercut.
   - NOTE: Will _not_ increase number of powerstones.

Silver Tattoo Needle: 300 credits
   - Reduces power cost when tattooing by half.
   - Reduces time to tattoo significantly.


Endowment of the Arts: 2000 credits
  - Permanently allow an extra active tradeskill.
  - One use and the Endowment disappears.
  - May only use one endowment.
  - READ <endowment>

Golden Paintbrush: 400 credits
  - This magical paintbrush will halve the amount of paint needed when
    painting landscapes or portraits (if you have the skill).
  - Preparing palettes of paint will create 3x the amount of applications than
  - You will double the number of tints you create.
  - Must be wielded when using.

Great Rune of Spatial Expansion: 75 credits
  - Attaches to a keg or enchanter's energy cube
  - Doubles its target's storage capacity for sips, doses, or charges
  - Causes its target to receive 25% more sips, doses, or charges each 
    time it is filled or charged
  - You can use KEGTAP <keg> or CUBETAP <cube> to make your keg or cube 
    not reset for a very long time. (Useful for shop owners.) Repeat the 
    command to refresh it. 
  - Use KEGTAP <keg> RESET or CUBETAP <cube> RESET to undo it.

Great Rune of Plentiful Storage: 150 credits
  - Same as Spatial Expansion, but does quadruple capacity and 50% more 
    per fill or charge

Great Rune of Unlocked Potential: 300 credits
  - Same as Spatial Expansion, but does sextuple capacity and 100% more 
    per fill or charge

Master Sketch Seal: 15 credits
   - Makes a sketch permanent.
   - Art created from a master sketch lasts 50% longer.
   - ATTACH <seal> TO <sketch>
   - Only need one master sketch for any painting or sculpture.

Merchant's Ledger: 150 credits
   - Can use to see commodity prices in villages from anywhere 
   - LEDGER verb for commands

Pot of Keeping: 200 credits
   - Will keep 12 plants viable for replanting. No growth involved.

Magic Chisel: 250 credits
   - Doubles decay time of statues when making them.
   - Speeds up destroying statues.