THE TRILL RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Elder Goddess Trillillial, the trill are a race of 
bird-like humanoids. They are very graceful and quite tall (though their 
hollow bones make them rather delicate). They have beautiful feathered 
wings, giving them the ability to fly, and the feathers of which range 
from a soft silver to more robust browns. No trill grows hair on their 
head, rather they have a cap of downy feathers. Trills prefer high 
mountain ranges where their forebears built great nests. The lucidian and 
the trills are the primary builders of Hallifax (which became lost in 
time during the Taint Wars and was eventually freed through the efforts 
of the lucidian Saaga Shevat), which is a city in the clouds, an architectural
wonder of crystal spires and aeromantic engineering. 

Language: Common


  o  Level 1: 1/4 resistance to cold and electrical damage.

  o  Level 25: Trill gain the ability to FLY naturally. Trill who can fly by 
     other personal means are no longer knocked out of the sky by high winds, 
     and instead are stunned for two seconds.

  o  Level 50: 1/3 health and mana regeneration in cloudy environments.
     Trill with the Aeonics specialisation gain a 1/10 bonus to divinus and 
     magical damage.
     Trill with the Aeromancy or Aerochemantics specialisation gain a 1/10 bonus 
     to asphyxiation and lightning damage.
     Trill with the Loralaria specialisation gain a 1/10 to cold and 
     asphyxiation damage.

  o  Demigod: Ability: EJECT. After a small charge up, sends the Trill in a 
     random direction up to three rooms away with a 1 second balance recovery on 
     landing. Can't be used indoors or underground.

  o  Demigod+: Ejection now travels up to five rooms, has no balance cost on