THE TAR PITS - Lusternia Online Help THE TAR PITS

What is now known as the Tar Pit Wastes was once the Eastern Serenwilde. The forest expanded much further than its current boundaries; however, when an ancient, insidious creature called the Slaghora'ruin, or the Slayer of Forests in the fae language, slithered in from beyond the Basin of Life, the forest quickly decayed under the beast's poisonous touch. In defense of the Serenwilde, several druid families went to fight the beast, but they were unable to do so - and in the end, Chuchip, the Great Spirit of Serenwilde, had to sever the land with his magic. When the Slaghora'ruin grew strong enough to pierce through Chuchip's veil, the Wastes were revealed, and it was found that the descendants of the druid families still waged a most difficult war.