Founded in 185CE by decree of Zenobia, Queen of Queens of the Undervault, the Tahtetso Priory was constructed in Celest where the knowledge and wisdom of the kephera were combined with the teachings of the Light. This blending of parallel philosophies lead to the Luminous Counsels of the Tahtetso and the pursuit of Lumosis, a heightened state of being achieved through the ascetic sublimation of the self in accordance with the virtues of Humility, Discipline and Sacrifice.

The Tahtetso are of the monk archetype and as such their primary skill is Kata, leading to the study of the Tahtetso specialisation. Utilising the tahto, a staff wielded with both hands, the Tahtetso combat style provides the monk with both offence and defence. The secondary skill of the Tahtetso is Harmony, a gift from the kephera people, which grants the ability to harness and utilise the subtle spiritual aspects of water, wood, wind, fire and metal to achieve powerful effects. Finally, the Tahtetso learns a tertiary skill to push the limits of their physical forms through the study of Acrobatics or Psionics, the latter specialising into Psychometabolism

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