Ancient and mysterious, the Coven of Night once prevailed as the spiritual 
link within the Gloriana Forest Commune, who worshipped the Great Nature 
Spirit Mother Night. During the Fall of the Holy Celestine Empire, fair 
Gloriana fell into the embrace of the Taint, and with the forest so fell 
the Night Coven. Rowena Nightshade, once High Priestess of Night lurked 
deep within the forest boughs, tending the whims of Night as she waited 
for the day when the Coven would once more rise again.

In the year of 115 after the Coming of Estarra, a group of like-minded 
individuals left the cities and the commune and ventured deep into 
Glomdoring to learn the old magic of Night. The goddess Viravain remade 
the Glomdoring forest to prepare it for its reawakening, and then demanded 
that Rowena Nightshade give up the secrets of Mother Night so that a coven 
could serve the spiritual needs of the dark forest. The undead witch led 
them all in a long pursuit, which ended with the birth of Rowena's children 
by Laeroc, the Consort of the Fae Queen. It was then, that the mantle of 
power was passed from Rowena Nightshade to the new Queen of the Night, a 
wiccan of the name Gwynevere Whytetower-Drakonis, who formed the fledgling 
coven of Night once again calling itself the Shadowdancers.

Shadowdancers are of the wiccan archetype. As such, they are required to 
take LowMagic as a common skill before they are able to study the arts of 
Nature magic. Once having mastered Nature magic, they can specialize in 
Wicca, a skill which draws the powers of the Ethereal Realm and its 
inhabitants in times of need. Their main secondary skill is Totems, which 
allows them to bond with the various Spirits that reside in Nature. Once 
they have mastered Totems, they are able to specialize in the studies of 
the Night totem, enabling them to form covens and perform shadowy 
ceremonies to better aid themselves. At some point wiccans choose either 
to take Healing to become a healer or to train in Hexes or to study 
Astrology. Wiccans may take Alchemy as a trade skill.