Forged from the blood of the Serenwilde's darkest days, the Serenguard are a tribe of warriors dedicated to the protection of the forest in which they reside. Long ago, a group of conspirators tried to seize control of the commune, waging a bloody civil war against their brethren. The centaur hunters gathered the greatest warriors of Serenwilde to combat the threat, establishing the Serenguard with the sole purpose of defending the commune from all threats, within its borders and beyond.

The Serenguard of today is organised in a loose tribal system that does not adhere to the strict hierarchy of the more knightly warriors. Though bound by their blood oaths to defend the Serenwilde, they are a diverse group that ranges from enlightened, spiritual warriors guided by the wisdom of the great nature spirits to fierce hunters recognised by their proudly worn war paint.

The Serenguard are a warrior archetype. Thus, they take Knighthood as their primary skill, though they can specialise as a Blademaster, Bonecrusher, Pureblade, Axelord, or Cavalier upon reaching mastery. Like all warriors, they take Athletics as a secondary skill. They take Totems as a tertiary skill, though they can choose either to specialise in the Stag totem or Moon totem. Alternatively, instead of Totems, they may choose Hunting and specialise in Tracking. They may take Forging as a trade skill.