THE RUNES SKILL (Secondary) - Lusternia Online Help

9.3.7 THE RUNES SKILL (Secondary)

For those trained for it, inscribing ancient runes upon specially 
prepared casting stones, imbues them with great power. If you have the 
skill, you must find an artist to supply you with blank rune stones and 
tinctures, and INSCRIBE <stone> WITH <rune>. If you are wielding a sling, you 
simply SLING <rune> AT <target>, which will place that person under the 
aegis of the particular rune. Masters of the Runes are also able to read
the runes when cast and foretell prophecies of the future, subtly influencing
the threads of fate.

Runes can also be placed onto statues by master enchanters or on great totems
by highly skilled druids.