THE REALMS OF THE DOMOTH - Lusternia Online Help


The esoteric realms of the Nine Domoths contain great reservoirs of 
divine energy. The only beings capable of surviving the realms are those 
who hold some measure of divinity. Ascendants have the greatest affinity 
to the Domoth Realms and can enter the realms with impunity. Demigods 
may also enter the Domoth Realms; however, they will suffer a constant 
and intense drain of essence. If a demigod's essence drains to zero, 
they will lose their demigod level and slip back to titan.

The Domoth Realms are divided into nine spheres, each relating to a 
different vibration of energy: 

  - The Domotheos of Nature
  - The Domotheos of Chaos 
  - The Domotheos of Harmony
  - The Domotheos of Beauty
  - The Domotheos of Knowledge
  - The Domotheos of War
  - The Domotheos of Justice
  - The Domotheos of Life 
  - The Domotheos of Death

Within each of those spheres manifests a representation of the energies 
there. These are called the Thrones of the Domoth. (They are not 
necessarily actual thrones, though some are.) It is possible for 
Ascendants and Demigods to claim these thrones and call down blessings 
upon entire races, guilds or cities (or herbs for the Domotheos of 
Nature). The DOMOTH command reveals the basic capabilities available to 
Ascendants and Demigods, which are explained more fully below.

NOTE: Anyone may touch the Seal of Knowledge to see the status of the Domoth 

Travelling To The Domoth Realms
From anywhere in the Divine Havens, an Ascendant or Demigod can 
DOMOTH ASCEND to reach the Domoth Realms. DOMOTH DESCEND will 
return the Ascendant or Demigod to the Divine Havens. 

WARNING: Demigods will suffer a constant drain of 50 essence per 
second while in the Domoth Realms. This drain will increase to 100
per second if any of the Domoths are currently in play.