The Pyromancers Guild are mages who devote themselves to the element of fire. Though originally founded many centuries ago, the guild was lost during the Taint Wars when the City of Gaudiguch was trapped in time and space for over 500 years. The Pyromancer Scuchidira Tliwx was the only survivor, and it was she who reopened the guild. Of all the mage skills, pyromancy is the most aggressive of all the elemental powers, though it offers little in the way of defense. 

Pyromancers are a mage archetype. Thus, they are required to take HighMagic as a common skill before being able to study the Elemental magic. Once having mastered Elemental magic, the Pyromancer then specializes in Pyromancy or Pyrochemantics, allowing them to travel to the elemental plane of fire. The main secondary skill of a mage is Illusions. Pyromancers also at some point decide to be a runic mage by taking the skill of Runes, or a dream mage by taking the skill of Dreamweaving, or a psionic mage by taking Psionics (with the choice of specialization between Telepathy and Telekinesis).