THE POSTAL SYSTEM - Lusternia Online Help



Each of the cities and communes in Lusternia has a post office, often located near the bank. You will first need a letter, stationery, action origami, or modular origami, which you can purchase from bookbinders or shops they stock.

While in a post office, the following things can be done:

WRITE LETTER: Compose a letter or stationery. A letter can hold a 
              maximum of about 100 lines.  Note that you must be at 
              full health and mana to write a letter.  You will also 
              need to be seated on a chair at a desk and chair, which 
              may be in the post office or nearby; ask your citymates 
              if you don't see it.

PUT <item> IN LETTER: A letter can hold a single item.  Modular origami
                      can hold up to 25 items.

MAIL LETTER TO <whomever>: Address and mail a letter to whomever it is 
                           for. You must do this in a postal office.  
                           You can also mail action and modular origami.

CHAR LETTER: Provided you have a source of fire with you, such as a 
             tinderbox, you can partially char a letter or stationery, 
             which will cause bits and pieces of it to become 
             unreadable. This can be done multiple times.

PRESERVE <letter> FOR <x> MONTHS: For 500 gold per Lusternian month specified,
                                preserve a letter from decay for the duration.

Action and modular origami are a little different to letters, and rather than using READ and WRITE may be interacted with via OPEN and CLOSE. Action origami can be written on using SCRIBE ORIGAMI <origami> <text>. They may be mailed via the post office system as normal.