THE PORTALS COMMAND - Lusternia Online Help


This is a command available only to newbies. By typing PORTALS, you will be
transported to a special place by the benevolence of the Gods. This is also
sometimes called a 'Godly Rescue.' This special place cannot be reached by
walking or flying or tunneling, and is unreachable for players level 30 or
over, or players that have used up their PORTALS.  Typing STAT will either:

A) say that you are allowed to use the PORTALS command, which means you
   still have unlimited PORTALS, or
B) show you how many 'Godly Rescues' you have left, if any.

During your first 10 levels of life in Lusternia, you have unlimited use of
the PORTALS command. Starting at level 11, you are permitted 20 more uses
of the command. Starting at level 30, you will no longer have access to
the PORTALS command, even if you didn't use up your previous allotment.