Nihilists are the priesthood of Magnagora, and are tied to the demonic 
plane of Nil, from whence they receive the powers of necromancy. While 
nominally the spiritual leaders of Magnagora, they often focus on the 
accumulation of material wealth and power for the city rather than more 
esoteric concerns. Most adepts are accompanied by a demonic thrall sent by 
a Demon Lord of Nil to help in their work. 

Nihilists are a guardian archetype. Thus, they are required to take 
HighMagic as a common skill before being able to study Cosmic magic. Once 
having mastered Cosmic magic, the Nihilist then specializes in Nihilism, 
allowing them to travel to the cosmic plane of Nil and make pacts with the 
Demon Lords there. Their main secondary skill is Rituals, which when they 
master will allow them to specialize in Necromancy, thereby enhancing 
their unholy powers. At some point Nihilists choose either to take the Hexes 
skill or to train in Tarot or to learn the science of Astrology. Nihilists 
may take Enchantment as a trade skill.