THE NEXUSES OF POWER - Lusternia Online Help


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Everything revolves around nexuses of power, great reservoirs of energy 
that exist simultaenously on multiple planes. It is through a nexus that 
personal power reserves can be replenished, where travel to other planes 
may occur, and where guilds can summon forth entities for protection. 
There are basically two types of nexuses: 

(1) A city nexus of power is generally a mortal-made construct raised 
    through high magic rituals and enchantments within a great center of 
(2) A commune nexus of power naturally exists in forests and is overseen 
    by two Great Spirits of Nature. Communities form up around these 
    nexuses, whose members form a natural bond with the nexus' forest.

Being a member of a city or commune means more than just political 
affiliation, for it creates an actual, spiritual bond between the member 
and the nexus, enabling that person to draw power from the nexus. Guilds 
that form around a nexus are likewise tied to that nexus and the skills 
they develop are based on their nexus' power. While losing membership in 
guilds may disenfranchise someone from the political process, losing 
citizenship in a city or membership in a commune is devastating in that 
it cuts the link to the nexus of power. Indeed, referring to a city or 
commune by the name of its nexus (and vice versa) is an acceptible 
practice, so closely are they intwined.