The pact between Glomdoring and the Illithoid of the Undervault 
culminated in the formation of the insidious Cult of the Nekotai in the 
year 204CE. Upon being raised as the Avatar of Illith by Kaervas 
d'Murani, Great Cthoglogg pledged the aid of the Illithoid in teaching 
their ancient arts to their newfound allies. Named after a fae word 
meaning "bringer of sorrow", the Nekotai study under the watchful 
guidance of Madam Yoraghu. The primary weapons of the Nekotai are the 
nekai, long claws which enable them to incapacitate their foes by 
tearing flesh from bone and causing severe nerve damage. Fierce 
defenders of their territory, they stand as sentinels ever present in 
the gloom of their home, scouting the lands for intruders and warding 
off those who dare to come near. The sacred beliefs of the Nekotai are 
shrouded in secrecy, though they are known for their steadfast devotion 
to the exultant Wyrd. 

The Nekotai are of the monk archetype. As such, they study the central 
monk practices of Kata before advancing towards their mastery of 
Nekotai, the craft of wielding claws. Their secondary skill is the 
ancient Illithoid ability of Stealth, allowing them to shift through the 
shadows and spring upon their prey with ease. Nekotai may choose to 
unlock their psychic potential by choosing to take Psionics, eventually 
specializing in Psychometabolism, or they may choose to hone their 
bodies further with rigorous training through the skill of Acrobatics. 

For information on the skill, see HELP NEKOTAI SKILL.