In the aftermath of the Elder Wars, the nature spirits were weak and
fragmented, corrupted by the touch of Soulless Gods trapped within the
lands in which they dwelt. The elfen Ellindel Treeheart was first to
contact these dying fae, using her arts to heal them. From her
teachings, the guild of the Moondancers was born.

The Moondancers protect the fae in the name of Mother Moon, the Great
Spirit they worship. They revere her triune aspects - the Maiden of
growth and change, the Mother of nurturing and teaching, and the Crone
of wisdom and protection. The Moondancers are the spiritual liaisons
between the Serenwilde and the Ethereal realm, and they are able to
summon the fae in times of need. Though often accused of fanaticism,
they merely wish to return to purer times before the advent of cities.

Being a wiccan archetype, Moondancers must take Lowmagic as a common
skill before studying the ways of Nature, which once they master, allows
them to specialise in Wicca to summon fae to as loyal companions. Their
secondary skill is Totems, which upon mastery gives specialisation in
Moon, allowing the formation of covens and the use of Moon-blessed
powers. Wiccans may also choose to learn Healing for the curing of
ailments, Astrology for the star-influenced power to aid allies and harm
foes, or Hexes to attack with dreadful afflictions. Wiccans may take
Alchemy as a tradeskill.