The Minstrels Guild was founded just after the Era of the Wounded Sky in the year 315 C.E. after the Voice of Gullagumbah was freed after being held captive by the Ice Angels and before that the Frost Spite. When the Voice of Gullagumbah was in captivity, it used to help break the sky and amplify the power of the Soulless God Zenos. After finding freedom, the Voice was attracted to the intoxicated state of Beloch Baruwski in Gaudiguch and took up residence in his body. When the Voice of Gullagumbah heard the song sung by Tetra Alin'dor, who also composed it, titled "Morning Star", it left the body of Beloch and took up residence in the Pleasure Palace, founding what is now known as the Minstrels Guild.

The Minstrels Guild is a bard archetype guild. They can choose to follow either Lowmagic or Highmagic. Their main skill is Music with specialization in the bawdy songs of Minstrelry; their secondary guild skill is Acrobatics. Members of this guild can choose between the skills of Dramaturgy, Tarot or Illusions.