THE LUCIDIAN RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Elder God Xyl, the lucidians are humanoids of living 
crystal. Their innate magical makeup make them resistant to magical 
attacks, though their crystalline structure makes them quite vulnerable 
to blunt attacks. This unique physique also regenerates while under the 
open sun. They tend to the more arcane and scholarly professions. They 
are generally more logical than emotional, and traditionally their 
philosophers and mages have tried to discern the patterns of the universe 
in order to understand the greater harmony of existence. This natural 
affinity to cold logic was a founding principle of the city of Hallifax 
(which became lost in time during the Taint Wars and was eventually freed 
through the efforts of the lucidian Saaga Shevat). The lucidians and the 
trills were the primary builders of Hallifax, which was a city in the 
clouds, an architectural wonder of crystal spires and aeromantic 

Languages: Common, Lucidian


  o  Level 1: 2/4 resistance to magic damage.

  o  Level 25: 2/4 resistance to psychic damage.

  o  Level 50: 1/3 health and mana regeneration when in cloudy environments. 
     Lucidian with the Aeonics specialisation gain a 1/10 bonus to excorable and 
     magical damage.
     Lucidian with the Aeromancy or Aerochemantics specialisation gain a 1/10 
     bonus to asphyxiation and lightning damage.
     Lucidian with the Loralaria specialisation gain a 1/10 to cold and 
     aspyhxiation damage.

  o  Demigod: Trait: Supercharged. Lucidians regenerate 1% of their maximum 
     reserves per IG hour spent outdoors during the daytime. Also allows the 
     Lucidian to link faster from their nexus or astral nodes. Maximum reserves 
     increased to a base of 125%

  o  Demigod+: Overcharged. Daytime power reserves increased to 2% per hour. 
     Active power regeneration rate increased.