THE ILLITHOID RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Soulless Goddess Illith, the illithoid are a race 
with a distinctly unique appearance, with pale skin that ranges from 
grey to purple. They are the only known race to have splintered from a 
Soulless God, and are thus considered abominations by many races, 
especially the kephera who kept their progenitory Illith imprisoned for 
all of their existence. The most notable feature of illithoid is their 
possession of what they call the "inner worm", a creature that resides 
within every illithoid's body that feeds on psychic energies.

Languages: Common, but can understand any language spoken.


  o  Level 1: 1/4 resistance to psychic and poison damage.

  o  Level 25: 2/4 resistance to excorable damage.

  o  Level 50: 2/3 regeneration to health while underground.
     Illithoid with the Ninjakari or Nekotai specialisations can use chains and 
     nekai more effectively than any other race regarding damage.

  o  Demigod: Trait: Inner worm. Allows the Illthoid to ILLDRAIN corpses. Every 
     five corpses grants a 1/10 bonus to ego stacking up to 5/10. 1 hour 

  o  Demigod+: Improved Trait: Illdrain now stacks to 10/10, while at maximum 
     the Illithoid empowers their psionic capabilities, granting them insight 
     into the thoughts, feelings and emotional state of others. Increased 
     empowering, seduction, paranoia, charity and weakening ego attacks while 

  o  Dark Reaper: If Cthoglogg has been empowered, all ego costs for abilities 
     are reduced by 33% Note: This does not work against things that cause ego 
     damage, such as debating and Telekinesis' FORCEFIELD