THE HEXES SKILL (Secondary) - Lusternia Online Help

9.3.6 THE HEXES SKILL (Secondary)

The ability to hex a person is an ancient mystic punishment. Simple and 
effective, it is performed by first drawing glyphs in the air of the hex 
you want to cast, using the syntax DRAW HEX <hex>. Up to six of your 
hexes can be drawn in a room. At this point, the hex can be activated by 
an enemy walking into the room where it is drawn (only one hex will 
automatically target a person in this manner). Otherwise, you would HEX 
<target> WITH <hex> to throw the hex at your enemy. Strategically, it 
should be noted that if you have time to draw hexes in a room, you can throw 
those hexes at a fairly rapid rate.

Syntax Summary: DRAW HEX <hex>
                HEX <target> WITH <hex>
                HEX DISPERSE