THE GWHO/GW COMMAND - Lusternia Online Help


    FULL    = list only non-novices.
    NOVICES = list only novices.

    NOMORE  = list without using the MORE option.

GWHO output:
  The first column details guildmember names. The second details
  their rank. Guild leaders are marked with a *, novices who are
  still within the collegium are marked with "COL", and novices
  who have graduated from the collegium have "NOV".

  The third column lists the positions held by online guildmembers
  if they have any.

  The fourth, fifth and sixth show what guild/collegium channels
  a given member has on or off. The column will display an ON or
  OFF to indicate this. GT represents the guildtell for full
  guildmembers. GNT indicates the Guild novice channel, and CGT
  indicates the city or commune collegium channel.