THE GRACE OF INNOCENCE - Lusternia Online Help


Those who have just passed through the Portal of Fate (i.e., newbies) 
receive the Grace of Innocence. Unlike normal Grace, the Grace of 
Innocence will last until that person reaches level 30 or until he or she 
renounces innocence, whichever comes first.

To reject innocence, simply enter RENOUNCE INNOCENCE. Once innocence is 
lost, it can never be regained, so think carefully before you renounce it 
as you will only be innocent once.

While under the Grace of Innocence, a player will not be able to be 
attacked or able to attack any other player. In fact the only denizens a 
person of innocence engage in hostile actions with are rats, weevils and 
anything in the Newton Caverns (the newbie area). Further, while under the Grace of Innocence, you will have access to unlimited reincarnations by travelling to the Portal of Fate and using the REINCARNATE INTO <race> command.

Also see HELP GRACE.