THE FORGING SKILL (Trade) - Lusternia Online Help


Syntax: FORGE FOR <design #> (iron and steel)
        CRAFT <item type> <design #> (wood and leather)

Only those with knighthood may learn the forging trade skill. If you are 
a resident of a city or commune, you will automatically be a member of 
the forging cartel in that location and able to use the unique patterns 
of that cartel. Forging is the skill of creating a wide assortment of 
weapons and armour. 

In order to forge something, you must first find a forge. Chances are it 
will not be burning, in which case you must buy some coal (probably at 
one of the markets), and put it in the forge. Then, you must FIRE FORGE 
to get it going. If a forge goes too long without anyone forging in it, 
then it will go out. Once you have got the forge going, you can try to 
forge something. Each item has certain commodity requirements which are 
viewable on the forging pattern you use. 

For all forging commands, you should use the exact pattern number of the 
item. Once you've established that you have the proper ingredients, you 
may FORGE FOR <pattern number>. The commodities will be removed from your 
inventory and put in the forge, at which point you cannot recover them. 

The exception is leather items, in which case you CRAFT <item> <number> 
in place of FORGE, e.g. CRAFT SCABBARD <design #>. Full details can be
found in the AB for each relevant ability, e.g AB FORGING SCABBARDS.

Some items created with forging can be enhanced - see HELP ENHANCEMENTS.