THE ENCHANTMENT SKILL (Trade) - Lusternia Online Help


Due to enchantment's finicky and difficult nature, its study is only suitable 
for bards versed in High Magic, or those who have learned Cosmic magic or 
Elementalism. The most basic skills in enchantment involve imbuing jewellery 
with charges of a spell that the wearer can subsequently release: either by 
pointing the item of jewellery at someone (targeting others) or rubbing it (in 
order to target himself or where no target is required). The number of charges 
which can be imbued on an item depend on the type of jewellery. In addition, 
enchanters can create sigils, metal items with enduring magical properties. 
Enchanting can only be done in ritual chambers that have a special pentagram 
inscribed on the floor.

Upon mastering enchantment, practitioners of Cosmic or Elemental magicks may 
choose to specialise further in the subtle arts of Spellcraft. The mind of a 
bard is ill-conditioned to higher level enchantment: instead, Bards may learn 
the gnomish science of Tinkering.

See ENCHANTMENT ITEMS for details on the items and spells created with Enchantment.